Sockyeti Plays Stuff - SSX

posted by Evan at 10:07am

Watch as Dabe plays SSX (poorly) while Evan heckles him with the help of their buddy Jake (also known as JRyde). Even though we are terrible at SSX, we enjoy the hell out of this game and strongly recommend it.

If you'd like to compete with us on Xbox Live, feel free to add us:
Dabe: DabeAlan
Evan: RonnieCordova

Sockyeti Plays Stuff - Rayman Origins

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Sockyeti Presents: Dunny 2011 Unboxing

posted by Evan at 8:45am

Alright everyone, you know how this works by now; new dunnies come out and we faithfully purchase and tear through an entire case of the little buggers for your viewing pleasure. This time though we've got double the unboxing trouble for your enjoyment, in glorious DualVision™ split-screen beauty. Observe and be thrilled as we show off the latest offering from Kidrobot n' pals. Special thanks to our pals at Missing Link in NE Portland.

Huck Gee Raku Dunny Unboxing and Review

posted by Evan at 6:33pm

As those of you in the Vinyl Toy community are already aware, an exclusive, very limited edition run of new 8" Dunnies from artist Huck Gee debuted recently. After missing out on the last custom piece he did, we wanted to make sure we got our paws on this little guy, the Raku. Thankfully, luck was on our side and we were able to score the Daytime version of the online-only edition. Several people have asked, "why not the Ninja [Night] version?" The truth is, ninjas are awesome, but I'm a sucker for anything with one of these hats on it.

Unfortunately this particular custom sold out within minutes of going on sale online, so the only way to get one now is by hitting up the ol' Electronic Bay and hoping you'll manage to avoid a bidding war that takes your wallet as its primary casualty. You can still live the thrill of opening one of these up vicariously through us, of course, and we strongly encourage that sort of behavior. Oh, and as a side note; I make a crack about "Sunny Portland, Oregon" in the video, because when we shot this we were taking refuge under a tree while it rained near us. The video came out looking far less gloomy than we anticipated, so I suppose the joke is on us. Ratballs.

Kidrobot Marka27 Serpent Dunny Review

posted by Evan at 2:23pm

Check it: this past week, a new 8" Dunny from Kidrobot came out by Marka27, based on the shape created by Marka for the Azteca II series. This little fella is called the Serpent, and it comes in two flavors; the common, garden variety green, and the uncommon, sexy black alternate. Your odds of getting the black alternate version are 1:6, which means you have a pretty decent chance of finding him, unlike many other chases or alternates.

The odds on this are better than in traditional 3" series sets of course, given that there's only one style to choose from. Still, this particular release brings the thrill of blind boxes to the 8" dunny experience, making it all the more desirable an item to pick up. Check out the video above for our thoughts on the design, and feel free to hit us with any questions you may have.

Sockyeti Live Cast This Wednesday

posted by Evan at 11:18am

This Wednesday, on April 6 at 7pm PDT (10pm EDT), we'll be broadcasting live as we record Episode 11. When the broadcast goes live, you can view it at, where you can use the live chat room for good or evil participation points. The choice is yours!

For those that can't make it to the live show, never fear; we'll be publishing the show as part of the regular feed as well the following week.

Lost Chair

posted by Evan at 11:46am

This morning when I arrived at the office, I discovered my chair was missing from my desk, despite having been there on Friday evening when I left for the weekend. Determined to reclaim it, I posted me up some bills around the office. I am pleased to announce it has since been found, in good condition, and relatively unscathed.


Also, here's a shot of it in the wild:

2011 Dunny Designs Leaked

posted by Evan at 3:40pm

Hot off the presses, we've got a sneak peak look at a few of the designs from the upcoming 2011 series of Dunnys! Loyal listeners among you may know that we're super anxious for this series to drop, having already exhausted the ranks of the Azteca II's. It looks like this series has a nice mix of new and returning artists, and some sweet alternate colorways. I'm particularly excited about the one that looks like a mech with a smaller creature riding its head and controlling it, as well as the gumball machine.

Also, it looks like they're going to have a build-a-Dunny as the chase, with the various parts of it scattered across the series, one enclosed in every blind box. Likely some pieces will be harder to come by than others. Those magnificent, clever bastards at Kidrobot have done it again!


Ground Kontrol 3.0 Gallery

posted by Evan at 4:30pm

Last week, Dabe and I dropped by the recently re-opened Ground Kontrol to check out the results of the remodeling project and to see what all the fuss was about. We'd been following the process on their dedicated remodel blog and we knew there would be some pretty cool things going on with it, but they had kept most things under wraps until they re-opened. We were pleased to discover they had moved things very heavily in the direction of Tron-inspired decor. Check out the images in the gallery to see for yourself. These were all snapped with my iPhone and mostly don't do the place justice, so if you're in the area, definitely drop in and have a look for yourself.

Labbits for Sale!

posted by Evan at 10:30pm

We've just listed a large collection of our duplicate series 4 Labbits over on ebay, and there are some good ones up for grabs! If you're a collector looking to bolster your own set, if you want to get your own set started, or if you just want to support Sockyeti, head on over to our listings page and see what's up for grabs! (hint: it's pretty much what you see in that image up above)

Lovely Labbit

posted by Evan at 10:44am

Valentine's day came and went this year with about the usual amount of fuss and hubub on the part of essentially everybody I know; my Facebook and Twitter feeds were largely taken up by posts from people sounding off their hatred or general displeasure with the "hallmark holiday," peppered with photos of flowers, chocolates and other gifts received by folks who were in relationships. It seems a day where people on both sides of the fence enjoy agitating one another. Ashley (the girlfriend) and I chose to play things low key this year by mostly treating it like a regular date night, a strategy I highly recommend, but with gifts exchanged at home later. Playing to my recent obssessions, I was given a gift card to Compound, and three labbit blind boxes purchased from Missing Link.

I hastily (perhaps even greedily) tore open the boxes one after another, and the second one of them contained this little guy; the Redrum edition of Series 4, whose rarity is unknown and is possibly as difficult to come by as the Chase itself. I've only ever seen one of these on ebay, which leads me to believe that most people don't part with them once they track them down. Needless to say, this made the V-day gift that much more awesome. I'm now only two away from completing the series, though I've got a large collection of duplicates going as well. I'm going to start posting my dupes for dunnys and labbits alike on ebay soon, and I'll post here with links to those when they're up, for anybody who's interested in helping out their own collections.

Another Epic Pull

posted by Evan at 4:28pm

One of the time-honored traditions held by Dabe and I is to venture over to Portland's Chinatown/Oldtown district about once a week to grab some sushi at a killer local place that puts a spin on the conveyor belt style sushi restaurant by way of an electric train that travels around the central counter. Also the sushi is of excellent quality, which is a bonus. We have ulterior motives for heading this way, though; this same neighborhood plays host to three of our favorite places to geek out and/or feed our habits of nerdery. If time allows, we like to pop over to Ground Kontrol for a quick round of Sunset Riders, and we are also fond of dropping in to Floating World Comics (official store of ONI Press), but we practically always make time to stop by Compound to check out the newest art prints and to expand our vinyl toy collections.

Today we stoped into Compound first and grabbed a few blind boxes each; Dabe snagged another Azteca II Dunny, and I grabbed two of the Series 4 Labbits (also from Kidrobot) as I still have a few left to collect before I can complete that set. I had already resigned myself to the very realistic possibility that I would never see the chase for this series in person, and I was prepared to finish this set off upon grabbing the two or three other semi-rare ones I had left to get. Fully expecting another round of duplicates (probably more of the ultra-common blue ones), I opened up the first of my two boxes, and BAM! The chase was sitting right there, happily waiting for me to discover him. We were in the middle of the resaturant at this point and I had to stifle my celebratory yells, but needless to say, I was (and still am) super stoked to have scored this pull.

I have grand delusions in which this little dude is not stationary next to his eclectic bretheren on my desk, but instead circling the airspace just overhead in a permanent holding pattern. At least, I think that would be cool. Now, if only I could find that frigging mech labbit, or the one with the ball and chain…

Kidrobot Azteca 2 Dunny Unboxing

posted by Evan at 2:16pm

I did some brain-math and decided that dropping a large wad of cash on a full box of Azteca 2 Dunnys would cost about the same as the amount he'd spend on individual blind boxes while trying to complete the series, so Dabe and I cruised over to Missing Link and took care of some business.

Later that night we set up and shot a sweet unboxing video so that you could all share in the excitement. THIS…is that video.