Sockyeti - Episode 36 - FlipFuel™

posted by Evan at 9:54am

Join us and our special guest, Jake Ryder (JRyde) of freak bike fame, as we talk about the Zoobomb Chariot wars, metal working, chainsaw-powered bikes, and all things manly.

Sockyeti Plays Stuff - SSX

posted by Evan at 10:07am

Watch as Dabe plays SSX (poorly) while Evan heckles him with the help of their buddy Jake (also known as JRyde). Even though we are terrible at SSX, we enjoy the hell out of this game and strongly recommend it.

If you'd like to compete with us on Xbox Live, feel free to add us:
Dabe: DabeAlan
Evan: RonnieCordova

Sockyeti - Episode 35 - Febchember

posted by Evan at 2:32pm

Strap in and hunker down for another thrilling installment of the greatest podcast ever recorded! This time around we have a more games-focused episode in which we discuss the launch of the PlayStation Vita (and whether dedicated handheld consoles are still viable in this era), the upcoming release of SSX (the newest installment in EA's long running over-the-top snowboarding franchise), and get super nerdy about pricing philosophies in the iOS market.

For those of you not so nerdily-inclined, fear not, as you will receive your required dose of uniquely Portland-themed mayhem! We recently attended the Bike Chariot Wars (part of Zoobomb's annual Mini Bike Winter event), which is every bit as absurd as it sounds and looks.

Sockyeti Plays Stuff - Rayman Origins

posted by Evan at 11:04am


Sockyeti - Episode 34 - Echo Supreme

posted by Evan at 9:00am

SEASON TWO OF SOCKYETI HAS BEGUN! Now, ordinarily, a show takes a break between its two seasons, but because we don't take no #$%% from The Man, we do things our way AND START THINGS BACK UP IMMEDIATELY. (Well, to be fair, we did take the break between recordings, but release schedules are frickin' craaaaaazy, you know what I mean? Shi.)

After the thrilling conclusion of Season 1, in which we learned a lot about Bear History, Season 2 kicks off in a new recording environment with its own unique set of issues. The bears next door are gone, but we are now broadcasting to you within an echo chamber, so that you can enjoy some proper, natural reverb on our sultry vocs (that's short for "vocals", pronounced "vokes"; feel free to use it with your friends and impress them).

Now listen, we can't promise that things are going to be better, but we can promise that there will still indeed be things! That we talk about! For you to listen! At! Why are there all these awkward! Excited! Pauses!? Just listen to the show already, would you? If you're still reading this you're doing the whole "podcast listening" thing really, really wrong. Did you even OWN a radio growing up? You realize how speakers work right? YOUR BRAIN CANNOT FOCUS ON TWO TASKS WHICH REQUIRE THE ATTENTION OF YOUR LANGUAGE CENTERS SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Fine, since you stuck around this long, I can tell you that we speak of the following things: Internet Service Providers, Snobby Coffee Making Methods, the smash hit iOS games Hero Acaedmy and Tiny Tower, the Pen Moto, Portlandia (Season 2), and the brand new series of Fat Caps from Kidrobot.

Sockyeti - Episode 33 - Season 1 Finale

posted by Evan at 1:43pm

Hi There! So this is the final episode of Season 1 of the podcast. Originally recorded in early November 2011, it was lost in the bowels of the earth and your intrepid heroes have spent the past three months journeying through the nine circles of hell to finally bring it back to this mortal coil so that you, our fans, can enjoy it. Fret not, fair listeners; Season 2 is nearer than you think! (And if you're wondering what happened to Episode 32, don't worry, it's on its way. We are in the process of recovering that one from a parallel universe. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXPENSIVE MULTIVERSE TRAVEL IS???)

Episode 31 - Phobos

posted by Evan at 10:37am

Delayed due to technical difficulties, but never forgotten, Sockyeti is back to tease your earbongos with our unique blend of atonal talkmusics. Step right up and take a big ol' bite with your sonic maw.

Sockyeti - Episode 30 - Hornswaggled

posted by Evan at 2:26pm

In a desperate bid to pull in sponsorships, we take it upon ourselves to endorse all manner of aftermarket bicycle enhancement accessories. This time around we're pimping what we believe to be the greatest handlebar-mounted bicycle safety airhorn solution available on the market, and talking a big game about the new hotness fresh out of kickstart known as Revolights, which bring us one step closer to realizing our dream of having real life light cycles.

Dabe tells us about his new tattoo featuring Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen fame, and Evan spends entirely too much time fawning over Drive (and its star Ryan Gosling), which somehow segues into a brief chat about Battleship: The Movie (which is, unfortunately, a very real thing that is actually happening).

Finally, we reminisce about the greatness of PS2 darling Shadow of the Colossus and Dabe regales us with stories of his adventures at the American Gladiators bike ride recently put on by the Zoobomb crew.

Sockyeti - Episode 29 - Backwards Cast

posted by Evan at 3:44pm

Hard pressed to come up with a new and original way to kick off the show, we make the groundbreaking decision to run through things…backwards (AAAAAHH!)

Also, one of our listeners sent in a picture of a 3" custom he did. It's below this very paragraph! You should look, it's pretty cool. Certainly cooler than anything either of us would have done. Well, on most days, anyway.

Sockyeti - Episode 28 - Zaiku

posted by Evan at 4:52pm

If ever there existed any doubt over whether Dabe possesses the Warrior's Spirit, let those doubts now and forever be laid to rest in the dirtground.

This week we tell you the harrowing tale of how Dabe's face martyred itself (for science), we talk about new game releases and some comics, and we spend a good 15 minutes or more going over the basics of Zombie survival. A full Zombie Survival dedicated episode is now officially planned for the future. You have been told.

Sockyeti - Episode 27 - RealMouth™

posted by Evan at 9:34am

After briefly considering changing the name of our show to better reflect our core values, we move on to discuss more pressing matters…like braces and other metal things that go in your mouth.

We discuss methods for circumventing the recent cancellation of the League of Legends OS X client, and go generally game happy talking bout about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, board games, 3DS nonsense, and even Dungeons and Dragons. We also talk some more about last week's release of the Gold Life Dunny series from Huck Gee.

Oh, and hey, after all of our time spent discussing Portlandia in our early episodes, we both finally actually ran into some cast members while about town! I STARED INTO FRED ARMISEN'S SOUL WHILE HE ATE NOODLES.

Sockyeti - Episode 26 - PAXCAST

posted by Evan at 2:14pm

Giving you absolutely ZERO time to recover from Episode 25, we're back at it with our recap of Firefall's PAX 2011 (brought to you by Firefall, the game). Enjoy tales of our adventures over the long weekend during our journey to Seattle (the OTHER rainy city), and be amazed that we made it back alive. This week we also introduce a NEW segment to the show that will become a regular occurrence, brought about by (but not depended upon) PAX as well. Have questions about the convention? Contributions you'd like to make to the new segment? Drop us a line and we'll be happy to answer as best we can.

Also, this episode marks the first time in the history of the 'cast wherein we are releasing the same week during which we recorded, a trend we are hoping to make permanent, so that our material is still fresh and relevant, and you all can stop wondering when the hell we're finally going to release a new episode again. WE'RE BACK FOR GOOD, BABY!

This free-to-play podcast is brought to you by Firefall…and the letter Q.

Sockyeti - Episode 25

posted by Evan at 4:22pm

For our quadricentennial episode, we get back to basics and resume the sort of things that endeared us to you in the first place: unbridled shenanigans. We spend most of this week on tangents of one form or another, and 29 out of 30 Helens agree; this is one of our best shows yet. Join us for the madness and maybe, just maybe…you'll walk away a better person.

Sockyeti - Episode 24

posted by Evan at 12:01pm

Enjoy our glorious, triumphant return to the internet airwaves, as we tackle the movie Horrible Bosses, talk up some of the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade releases, Street Fighter minis from Kidrobot, and exchange stories about the hardships of road trips.

Sockyeti - Episode 23

posted by Evan at 12:58pm

After taking another week off from recording, the boys are back in the saddle with a full gamut of nerdhappy topics to satiate your lust for the elusive Sockyeti. We talk about some recent and upcoming movies (like Captain America, 'arry Pottah and the new Spiderman), we trash on 3D film tech some more, and verbally flaunt our newfound archery skills.

Evan talks about the new Xbox Live Arcade releases Ms. Splosion Man and Bastion, Dabe tells us about "One Soul," the new Oni Press comic from Ray Fawkes, and Evan dives into the turmoil of the current state of streaming media with a look at Spotify, and what the recent Netflix pricing changes mean.